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Have you ever thought

  • I need accountability, but no one I know is up for the job
  • I wish there was an unbiased third party who would listen to my story and offer their insight
  • I need clarity, but I don’t have anyone to share this stuff with
  • I wish there was someone who supported my ideas,  but kept me grounded in reality 
  • I know there’s a better way, I’m just not sure what it is

If so, you are in the right place.  Simply put, I help women see all of their options, even the ones hidden really deep.  Then I help them determine which choice best gets them to their goals.  Together we formulate a plan to get you moving in a clear and steady path so that you can achieve anything you want.  And finally, I offer a judgement free atmosphere where you are free to say anything you want without the fear of rejection or retaliation.  This allows you to move past everything that is holding you back, and onto the things you really want to achieve in life.

At 631, the only thing that matters is that you are always improving.  Our goal is to make a difference while having a blast by challenging each other to create positive change.  

The Background

When I was young, I would get ‘A Plus Plus’s’.  I’m not saying this to brag, but to demonstrate a point.  You see, I figured out when I was small exactly how to get the results other people wanted.  Then I worked the system to get those results.

Of course, I didn’t know that’s what I was doing then.  It just made sense.  For me, rocking out 20 minutes of homework meant at least 30 minutes saved in hassling with parents or teachers.  And it was easy to figure out within 2 weeks of meeting, what the teachers wanted.  So I gave them what they wanted.  

When you realize you can get more stuff just by giving other people what they want, it makes you want to keep giving people what they want.

So fast forward through my school years and onto college.  I continued to work the system – regularly working full-time hours while taking full-time classes.  I also took Martial Arts and got my Second-Degree Black Belt at that time.  This is when I first started to notice the discrepancy between what I thought life would be like and how it actually was.

I worked so that I didn’t accumulate tons of student debt.  I went to class religiously because I knew I never had to read a single book, or study for more than an hour per exam, if I just went to class.  I graduated college with a 3.9 gpa.  But I didn’t care about anything I had learned, or most of the work I did.  

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I didn’t care until I had already been studying for 2 years.  And I falsely believed that taking time off to figure out what I actually wanted would be a waste of the time I had already put in.  So I kept on.

At the same time, I continued to take Martial Arts because of how it made me feel.  Strong.  Steady.  Focused.  I was a Master Instructor as well.    I loved it.

I remember daydreaming about not getting a ‘real job’ and just being a Martial Artist for a living.  But I felt tons of pressure to ‘be successful’.  And again, the overall theme was “I don’t want to waste all this time I’ve put in.”

Fast forward again and I took the first job offer I got out of college.  I was still holding on to the idea that I could repurpose my degree into something useful.  So even though the job totally sucked from the get go, I kept at it, thinking one day it would turn into something I loved. 

Meanwhile, life was happening around me.  I got married.  Became a bonus mom.  Bought a house.  Had two kids.  Before I realized it, I had been at that crappy job for 6 years.  On the outside, everything looked great.  But on the inside I was totally underwhelmed. Everything was supposed to be great, but I just felt kinda ‘meh’ mixed with angry.  And then one day I woke up and thought, “When am I finally going to get to do what I want?”.

I was successful by most people’s standards, but I didn’t feel like it.  I rationalized it, thinking, “I don’t want to waste all this time I’ve put in.”  So I kept doing what everyone else said was the right thing and the way to success.  But finally I realized my thinking was flawed.

I wasted so much time, trying not to waste my time, that I missed 8 years of doing the things I do best.  Yes, 8.  It took me two years after having this mindset shift to clear up and clean out all of the mental, emotional, and physical trash I had accumulated by ignoring who I really was while I waited for some day to show up.

I reformed my actions to achieve the results I wanted in my life.  I remembered that I don’t need to wait for someone else to tell me how to get results.  I’ve always been able to do that.  It’s just that I was too busy getting what other people want.

So I went to work on myself.  I overhauled my financial life – paying off 2 cars, 2 credit cards, old legal fees, and medical bills.  I completely changed my health (cutting out processed food and losing over 60 pounds).  I stopped blaming other people for my problems and took action to remove those frustrations from my life.  It’s been over two years since I took control and I am now the happiest I have ever been.  And the thing that makes this change all worthwhile, is that I get to teach others how to make the same kind of positive change in their own lives.

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 Professional Bio

Missy Cooke is a motivational coach, speaker, and presenter who challenges women to make a difference while having a blast.  Each week she shares a personal life lesson on her blog and illustrates the absurdity of the point with her cheeky line of hand-drawn comics.

With a sincere yet straightforward, no-frills-attached approach, Missy inspires women to get out of their own way so that they can build a life that encourages, validates, and supports their dreams.