Do Anything – Episode 13: How to be Passionate Without Following Your Passion

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631_do-anything_ep13On this episode of Do Anything, Sally Hope is here to talk about passion, and whether or not following yours, is a wise idea.

Sally is the leader of the Wildheart Revolution, a private community of women who are dedicated to living with more freedom, love, and happiness in their lives.  Passion is a topic that Sally discusses daily and something she encourages every woman to pursue.

But today, she shares whether or not you should create a business around your passion, and what to do if you’re not the “business-type”.

Stick around to the end to find out:

  • why values are more important than passion
  • how to get started, even when you feel stuck
  • why what you do and what you love are not the same thing (and how to tell the difference)
  • how to be grateful for today when you’re dreaming about the future

Live happy and fulfilled, even if you’re not “following your passion”.  Click here to find out more about Sally and the Wildheart Revolution.


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