Do Anything – Episode 10: Delivering Happiness One Person At A Time

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631_do-anything_ep10Today on Do Anything, Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness and consultant at Zappos, joined me to share about her start as an entrepreneur.  Today she is a TedX speaker, creator of the Zappos Culture Book (a global icon for customer service best practices), and is leading the charge on delivering happiness to the world. Jenn originally worked in Silicon Valley but lost her job when the dot com bubble burst.  In one swift moment she lost her title, her income, and her status and was left wondering, “What would I do if money didn’t matter?” What resulted is an impressive trail of successes that prove bringing your “weird self” to the table is essential in business and in life. Keep listening to the end because Jenn is going to floor you with:

  • the one simple thing she does every day to keep improving
  • what to do if you don’t know what to do (and why you should get started right now)
  • how to manage customer expectations so they are happy with the results you provide (and how to apply this to your life)
  • why you don’t need to find “the perfect mentor” and what you should do instead
  • her best kept tip from her hustlin’ days & how you can make it work for you

In this interview, Jenn speaks openly about Zappos’ extraordinary company culture and how she and the team at Delivering Happiness are teaching other companies to improve productivity by encouraging employee happiness.  Her insights and wisdom will resonate with anyone who has ever thought, there has to be a better way. Mentions: Tony HseihZappos Albert Camus – The Stranger Lansing Derby Vixens Bronnie WareTop 5 Regrets of the Dying