Do Anything – Episode 9: Is It Healthy For Women to Power Lift?

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631_do-anything_ep9This week on Do Anything, Staci Ardison, a woman’s health and lifestyle coach, comes on the show and shares how she quit her sedentary desk job, paid off thousands of dollars of debt, and overcame bulimia and body dismorphic disorder.

Today, just two years after she made a change, she is the lead instructor for the ladies portion of the Nerd Fitness Academy, dead lifts 225 pounds, and helps other women (and some men) make small simple changes that lead to overall improved health.

In this episode, Staci gives easy, straight-forward tips and advice for getting off the couch and getting healthy.  But, her wise insights can be applied to any goal you set (not just your health).  Listen closely and you will learn:

  • why trying to have “the perfect body” will make you hate yourself
  • why being vulnerable is the most essential thing to your success (even though it’s the hardest)
  • why “cheating” is bad for your health, and what you should do instead (hint: you don’t have to give up sweets and junk food!)
  • how to transition into entrepreneurship (even if your health and finances are suffering)
  • how to get better at one thing every single day
  • the one thing that will guarantee your success (even when you don’t think you can keep going)

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