Do Anything – Episode 6: Multi-Passionate? Time to Grab Life by the Goolies

Get free tips and tricks to get out of your head and get on with getting on.

631-do_anything-ep6 On this episode of Do Anything, Rosie Meleady, a 20-year entrepreneurial veteran shares what it means to be “multi-passionate” and how to use that affinity for change to your advantage.

Rosie is an in-bound and out-bound destination wedding planner.  She helps brides from other countries get married in Ireland and brides from Ireland get married in other places.

In addition to wedding planning, Rosie runs Life Is Short Magazine, an online magazine that showcases people who do things differently, how they do it, and how you can do it too.   In her spare time she teaches other people how to create their own online magazines through her Magazine Creation Academy.  Most recently Rosie is launching Grab Life By The Goolies, a program that teaches you how to step into your life and you guessed it…grab life by the goolies.

This episode is the perfect road map for anyone who has struggled with too many passions proving that you never have to choose one thing (and you’re better off if you don’t).

These are just a handful of the insights you’ll get when you listen to the end of the show:

  • how to figure out what you want (and a stupidly easy way to create an action plan for getting it)
  • why you don’t need a portfolio, testimonials, or any other qualifiers to get started on your dream
  • why comparing yourself to other people is a recipe for disaster
  • why vulnerability is the secret to your success
  • how to connect with the people who want to share your story

By the time you’re done listening to this show you’ll be thankful for your multi-passionate personality and how it helps you bulldoze the white picket fence of boredom, frustration, and predictability.

Want to know more about destination wedding planning or online magazine creation?  Learn more about Rosie at