Do Anything – Episode 5: Lansing Derby Vixens

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This week, Inzy Mood and Think Tank, two members of the Lansing Derby Vixens all star roller derby team came on the 631 podcast to share a little bit about what it means to be a derby girl.  It may look like fun and games, but roller derby is about a lot more than skating in a circle.

It’s unique culture lends itself to open communication with other players and teams, fostering good will and an honest desire to help everyone improve.  At a time when other athletes are clawing each other’s eyes out on their way to the top, roller derby is the exact opposite.

On today’s show Inzy Mood and Think Tank tell you why following your passion doesn’t always mean quitting your day job.  Stick around until the end and you will learn:

  • the one thing you need to move forward on your next passion project
  • how spending less time with your husband and kids actually improves your relationships
  • how to get rid of the negative people and influences in your life so you can focus on what makes you truly happy
  • why spending time on yourself is a priority (not a sacrifice)
  • why honest transparency is essential to your growth


Bonnie D. Stroir

San Diego Derby Dolls

Derek Halpern – Social Triggers

WFTDA – Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

If you have ever wanted to follow your passion without quitting your day job, this episode is for you.  These two derby girls prove that a fulfilled, exciting life is possible (and you don’t have give up everything you know to make it happen).

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