Do Anything – Episode 4: Why Intuition Is More Important Than Training

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Today on the 631 Podcast, Lisabeth Sewell McCann from Sparkle Stories joins us to share how a flash of realization turned into a big idea.  And how she transformed that idea into a thriving business that employs both her and her husband full time.

Sparkle Stories are fun and inspiring, encouraging a sense of wonder and magic in children of all ages. Bucking all media trends, Sparkle Stories are told in a slower, quieter, less advanced style that resonates with children everywhere and fosters creativity and a strong sense of self in everyone who falls in love with the stories.

Listen to the end of the show and you will learn:

  • how Lisabeth stumbled on the idea for Sparkle Stories while searching for an answer to her own problem
  • how to follow your intuition and take action on powerful ideas
  • the secret that keeps her motivated to work, even when ‘business’ gets old
  • why listening to inner guidance is more important than any advice or training you can get
  • how to balance the needs of your family, when everyday business threatens to get in the way
  • why your business (and your soul) depend on being true to yourself, and practicing authenticity


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If you’re sitting there thinking your big idea will never work.  Or, you’re wondering how to get something off the ground while struggling to pay bills and take care of your family, look no further than this episode.  Lisabeth shares how a small idea spark led to a life changing future for her family and how that spark is also changing the way media is presented to children all over the world.