Do Anything – Episode 3: How To Make $1,000 In Two Weeks With No Prior Skill

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Today, Lise Carter, author of The Definitive Guide to Getting Freelance Writing Work on oDesk, has joined 631 to tell us how she replaced her $60,000 per year corporate income with a job that allows her to work whenever and wherever she likes.

Lise is an internet freelance writer who started from scratch less than two years ago and is on track to make six figures in 2014.

Stick around until the end of the show and you will find out:

  • the exact steps to take to make $1000 within two weeks of starting your freelance career
  • how to expand your skillset into multiple income streams so that you never have to worry about making enough money
  • the one tip that keeps your business running smoothly (even when you’re not working)
  • why internet freelancing gives you ultimate control of your time and maximum flexibility in your day


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Imagine what it would be like to work whenever and wherever you wanted.  Where would you live?  What would your day look like?  Comment below and tell the 631 community what you would do with complete control of your day.