Do Anything – Episode 1: You Don’t Need College (and other little known tips to start taking action)

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Today is super exciting because I have a fabulous interview to share with you.  At 631 we talk a lot about taking action and just getting started on your goals.  But sometimes it is hard to make the leap from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’.

To inspire you to take action, I wanted to share the stories and insights of women who have already done it and what it means for them to follow their dreams.

Today’s interview is with Sarah Jordan from Hooping by Sarah and she is going to share with you how she gave up a respectable day job to become a hula hoop dancer and how this epiphone literally hit her on the head.

Stick around for the whole interview and you will learn:

  • how to follow your intuition to discover the thing you love (even when no one is rooting for you)
  • why you should stop caring about what other people think
  • how to stop talking, and start taking action
  • why you don’t need to go to college
  • how hula hooping is a complete mind, body, and spirit workout for any age, shape, or ability


Derek Halpern – Social Triggers

Marie ForleoB School

If you found this interview inspiring, I’d love to hear what you think.  Comment below and tell me one insight you had that you are going to use to take action this week.

And, if you know someone who could use a little inspiration of their own, please share this video with them.