Does The Fear of What Other People Think Affect What You Do?

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The Difference A Year Makes

So many things have happened this year, but one thing sticks out in my mind as the biggest factor for why 631 has successfully made it one whole year.

When 631 was born, something changed.  One small mindset shift cleared the way for all of the positive changes I have seen in my life, and by extension, in other people’s lives.  This shift has to do with fear – specifically, the fear of what other people think.

631_giftsI used to be afraid.  Afraid that if I wasn’t successful in my job, people would think I was lazy, or a bad mom, or that I care more about myself than my family.  I was afraid that if I said what I really think, people wouldn’t like or accept me.  And I was afraid that if I did things I really wanted to do, people might think I was weird.  Everything went through the ‘what other people think’ filter.  

The problem is the ‘what other people think’ filter is based off of someone else’s core values and personality.  So basically what I was doing is taking who I really am, and then wrapping it in everyone else’s expectations.  It worked in the short term, but eventually the real me came through…just a little damaged.

Fear of What Other People Think – A Fable

Once there was a girl who was going to a party for a good friend.  She was excited because the gift she bought was perfect.  The only problem was, it came in a square box and was kinda heavy.  She knew the best way to wrap it would be with giftwrap.  But all she had was solid purple.  The party had a pink theme and she didn’t want to mismatch.  So instead she put it in a gift bag.  

The bag was beautiful.  It sparkled.  It had three shades of pink and they all matched perfectly.  The only problem was the bag wasn’t very strong and it was the wrong size.  But, she didn’t want to stick out, so she shoved the gift in anyway and called it good.  Pretty soon one of the sharp corners poked a hole in the bag.  Then, the weight of it started to tear out the side.

Before she knew it, she was trying desperately not to let the gift fall out and apologizing for her poor gift wrapping skills.

The Moral?

When you let the fear of what other people think decide how you wrap your gifts, they will never be as beautiful as they would if you wrapped them in your own unique way.  You might not match everyone else’s party theme, but for the people who want them, your gifts are perfect.  

Surround yourself with people who appreciate your gifts, not your wrapping paper.  The wrapping gets thrown away anyway.  But if you give the right gift to the right person, they will cherish it forever.