The American Dream is Alive and Kickin’!

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Happy 4th of July to everyone in the United States!  I’m celebrating America’s 237th birthday by relaxing with my in- laws in the Upper Peninsula.  Man, I love Upper Michigan.  It always reminds me of when I was a kid.  We would come up here and spend two weeks in the middle of nowhere.  It is always so peaceful and undiscovered.

I remember one trip.  A bear crossed the trail that led back to town about 10 feet in front of us.  On that same trip I saw four Bald Eagles flying in the air at the same time.  Also  5 beavers swarmed our canoe and coordinated a massive tail smack on the water at the exact same time.  I think that was also the trip we saw a meteor shower on the exact same night as the Northern Lights.  I counted over 300 shooting stars that night.

There really is nothing like it.

And now, sharing these experiences with my kids creates a whole new dimension of awe and wonder.  I realize I was only seeing half of the beauty before.  Watching them discover all of my best memories and revel in the perfect working order is an entirely new experience.  

This is my biggest why.

And I have the American Dream to thank.

Happy Birthday U.S.A. – I Still Believe In The American Dream

There is a lot of chatter on the internet about how the American Dream is broken –  a quick Google search will pull up numerous results.

It really kindof pisses me off.  It makes it sound like all we have to do is pick a new dream and everything will be fine.  Well, I don’t think that’s the case.  And I don’t think the American Dream is broken.  It is after all, just a dream.  Dreams can’t do anything.  Dreams can’t make you rich.  Dreams don’t pay your mortgage.  And they certainly don’t make you happy.

For me, the American Dream is a state of mind.  It’s the idea that I can do anything I want.  Seriously.  Anything.  And I really believe that I can.  If that’s a broken idea, then we’re all fucked.

You can do anything you want also.  Thanks to social advances and technology, the American Dream isn’t solely American anymore.  It’s available to anyone who looks for it, no matter where they are from.  It’s a dream that anyone can do anything they want, if they want it bad enough.

631_american-dreamIf The American Dream Isn’t Broken, What Is?

Thinking.  Analyzing.  Disagreeing.  Innovating.  Adapting.

All of these things are broken.

The American Dream isn’t stagnant.  It’s recurring and it should change a little bit every single time you dream it.  And the best part about the American Dream is that everyone can have one and nobody’s has to look like anybody else’s.

That is the part that is broken.

Somewhere somehow, lots of people started thinking their dream had to look like everybody else’s.  And then that idea spread.  And all of a sudden lots of people had one single person’s idea of the American Dream.  Instead of lots of people having lots of American Dreams.

That needs to change.

You can do anything you want.  So can anyone else.  And whatever you really want is your version of the American Dream.  

Today all I want to do is spend lots of time with my kids teaching them about the wonder and beauty that is all around them.  Later tonight we’ll take them to watch the fireworks.  And even though the show will be spectacular, it’s wonder won’t compare to the beauty I will see reflected on my girls’ faces as they watch the show.  Today, that is my American Dream.


What is your version of the American Dream?  Help spread the idea that everyone’s dream can be different by commenting below and telling us what your American Dream is.  Then share this with someone you know who has a different version of the American Dream.  Let’s see how many different versions we can find.