Do You Seize Opportunities? Or do you rationalize until they’re gone.

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Have you been seizing any opportunities lately?  Think about what has come and gone that you have, or have not done anything about.  Every day you are thrown a ton of different opportunities – to fail, to succeed, to lie, to steal, to cheat, to not lie, steal, or cheat, to excel or fall short.

It is in the moments immediately following the presentation of these opportunities that your future is decided.  You have but a few short seconds to choose and after that you will start rationalizing… talking yourself into, or out of what you know you should do.

An opportunity came up for me like that recently and I decided to seize it.  As you know, I quit my job last week and have transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship.    Last week, when I got home from “my last day”, I opened an email from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers.

Derek is an expert marketer and entrepreneur and he is hosting a one day workshop in New York City next week called “Mastering The Sale.”  He has set up a contest so that a few people can win a ticket to his event.  I figured it must be fate… quitting my job and then  immediately being given an opportunity to learn how to sell from an expert internet marketer. It would have been unwise to ignore it, so I seized this opportunity.

What you see below is my video entry to this contest.  If you like it, please like the video.  And if you really like it, I would love it if you shared it.  And don’t worry, next week I’ll have a new comic up… and if I win this contest, maybe I’ll do an extra special one for you this weekend. 😉