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Get free tips and tricks to get out of your head and get on with getting on.

You are doing amazing things.  You’re bold and you don’t take no for an answer when it comes to your dreams and hopes.

But something isn’t right.  Are you juggling too many projects?  Too many options and not sure what to choose?

You need to get out of your head.

And I want to help you.

I get it.  I know the struggles of balancing the day job, the kids, the marriage, and figuring out when and where your desires get to come out and play.

Let’s chat.

I love to work with women who have big ideas and aren’t afraid to jump in and get their hands dirty.

They work with me when their projects have taken on a life of their own, causing them to spin their wheels and they need a firm push to get moving again.

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Because I want you to have my full attention, I only offer long-term coaching to a select group of women.  Ready to put in the hard work necessary to rock your life and relationships?

Let’s make sure we’re the right fit.  

Every new client joins me on a clarity call prior to signing up for long-term coaching.


Sometimes it only takes an hour to get the insight you need to clear away the cobwebs and get your work into gear.  

Other people get clear on what they want and it’s not something I can help them with.  

Simply: I only work with people I can truly help.

No wasting your time.  Just an honest judgement-free zone where we work together to get you on your journey.

What You Can Expect

The Clarity Call

A one hour Skype chat where you can spill everything going on in your head. We’ll talk about the issues and uncover those internal blocks and scripts that keep you from reaching your goals.

Together we’ll identify those nagging gaps preventing you from having the success you crave. Then we’ll pinpoint what you can do immediately to get unstuck and moving.

By the end of the call, you will walk away focused, energized, and motivated to tackle your next big project.

And if we are the right fit, we can discuss working together regularly.

Either way, you’ll get immense value out of our time together. The breakthroughs you have during our chat will leave you ready to take massive steps forward.

Cost: $275

Clarity Call Premium

So many breakthroughs happen during a clarity call. It’s like a rollercoaster of insight and lightbulb-moments. Afterwards, it can be hard to remember everything we covered.

With a premium session, you receive a custom report detailing everything we talk about including recommendations and action steps to get moving.

You can relax. No need to take notes or struggle to remember everything (Please! There’s no need to get overwhelmed here.).

I’ll take care of that for you in a report built around your specific needs.  It is delivered to your inbox within two days of our call.

The basic package gives you clarity. The premium package provides the roadmap.

Cost: $350

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am fully committed to your success during our time together.  If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, you can ask for your money back any time within 30 days of purchasing and I will refund all of it.  No questions asked.

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Before using your service I was concerned that it would be a “feel good” type session, like a cheerleading session that doesn’t apply to my concerns and only tries to put a positive spin on everything. To my surprise we have talked directly about my problems and have completely moved forward in correcting my issue which makes life better. I loved setting up a 3 month goal and each week working on a little at a time to not be overwhelmed with so much.

Missy has helped me to accomplish things that I’ve wanted to do for years. She has perfected the art of using research, her own life experiences and insights, and an empathetic listening ear to create an environment where I can see through my own excuses (bullshit) and start living my life. Thanks to her, I’ve paid off (almost at this point) two credit cards, my student loan, and my car (early). I’ve made real progress towards finishing my first children’s book and I’ve joined two community groups. I’m learning to pay attention to the quiet voice I hear when I’m unsure of what my next move should be and I’m taking real steps towards living a life I love.

I was very impressed with your ability to stay goal focused and to help me get out of my own way. Even on the days when I am struggling with a goal or a fear about reaching a goal you’re able to break it down and help me realize that the worst case scenario I’ve created in my head really isn’t that bad. Even on the days when I didn’t reach my goals the focus is always on the why and what can I do differently and positive thoughts. There isn’t room for negative and you don’t ever make me feel worse for not meeting goals, but help me realize how to turn things around. That was a surprise to me and is very effective I think.