A Spooktacular Halloween – Click for a Free Treat

Get free tips and tricks to get out of your head and get on with getting on.

631_halloween2013In just over 8 hours, kids everywhere will be overdosing on sugar.  It’s bound to be a fantastic time.

Tonight I am taking my girls trick or treating and I’m super excited – they will be the cutest owl and duck in town!  I think the best part is that Reggie has nicknamed her sister Zoey-Duck.  I can’t stop myself from calling her that…do you think that makes me a bad mom?

Anyway, I don’t have a regular post lined up this week because I’m taking a break to spend the holiday with my kids.  Instead, I have a brand new free resource for you.  This interactive guide outlines the process I used to lose over 60 pounds, pay off thousands of dollars of debt, and quit my crappy soul-sucking day job to pursue my dream of helping other women get out of their own head, and get on with getting on.  

All you have to do to get your free copy is enter your email below and click “Get It!”.  The guide will be delivered to your inbox within the hour.  Once you finish your copy, send me an email at missy@sixthirtyone.com and tell me what you’re working on.  I love hearing from my readers and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

And if you find the guide useful, please share this page with someone you know who is ready to make big changes.  It’s free for anyone who requests it.

Enjoy the comic and have a safe and happy Halloween!