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Birthday Giveaway

Guess what party peeps?  Today is my birthday.  That’s right.  Another year older (32 big ones) and I think I’ve finally got a handle on the things that make me happy.

This week is extra special because tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of ‘my coming out’ (aka when I actually told people I had a blog).  It’s also my oldest daughter’s birthday.  And last weekend my sister got married.

When I look around, I can’t help but think this is the happiest birthday I’ve had in a long time.  I am so blessed to have the best husband in the world, three beautiful children, friends from all over the world, and a life I love.  There really is nothing else I need.  

To celebrate, I am turning the regular gift-giving tradition on its head.  So, I have two presents just for you.

The first isn’t quite ready but it will be by next week, so keep an eye out on the blog for a free resource that is guaranteed to get you moving on your goals and working toward the life you want.

The second is a free tele-workshop I am hosting at 9 pm EST on October 24th.  You can sign up for it by clicking this link:

Hacking Procrastination

631_procrastination-workshopProcrastination Workshop

Lately people have been talking about their to-do lists and how they never seem to get caught up.  After asking some followup questions, I found that a lot of you struggle with procrastination.  You have a million things to do, but you can’t bring yourself to get moving.  Or you drag your feet, working very slowly.

Procrastination is one of the topics we covered during the beta test of the new ecourse I’ve been building.  Through research, and feedback from the course, I realized there are lots of reasons people procrastinate, and different reasons require different approaches.  That’s why a lot of people never learn how to deal with it.  Instead they spend time learning productivity hacks.  Those are good if you need help focusing or being more efficient.  But if you can’t get started, you need to dig deeper to figure out why you are procrastinating in the first place.  This is where you will find the answer to your problem.  

The class is hosted through Hangouts On Air.  I know this is new to a lot of people and I want as many people to see this as possible.  So, if you aren’t sure how to use Google Plus or Hangouts, email me at missy@sixthirtyone.com and let me know.  It’s easy once you know what you’re doing and I’d love to help.

During the class, we will go through some easy tricks and tips to deal with procrastination on a basic level, but the real meat of the workshop focuses on helping you figure out why you procrastinate in the first place.  Once you know why, you can take steps to circumvent that.

Click this link to sign up.

Procrastination is the worst, but it doesn’t have to keep you from living the life of your dreams.  Sign up for this free event and kick procrastination to the curb once and for all.  


Want Personalized Feedback?

As an added bonus, a few 631ers will be invited to join the hangout live and ask questions about their specific situations.  If you are interested in being a live guest, email me at missy@sixthirtyone.com with the subject “Procrastination Hangout” and tell me why you want to be on the call.  And for everyone else, let’s keep the conversation going.  Comment below and tell me about a time when procrastination got the best of you and what happened as a result.

One last thing – if you know someone who could benefit from this workshop, please share this article with them so they can sign up too.  

Can’t wait to see you on the call next week!