How To Decide What To Do With Your Life

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If you’re reading this chances are, you really are trying to decide what to do with your life.  What is it that brought you here?  Finances?  A relationship?  Maybe it’s your job?  Maybe it’s none of that, but it is something… you’re just not sure what.  

Sometimes life gets away from us and before we know it, we’re lost in a sea of distractions.  The current is dragging us under and we realize it’s now or never.  It’s at this point you have to decide what to do with your life.

The feeling comes on quickly, without warning.  All of a sudden you know you have to make a decision right now. You can’t keep going on aimless, hoping that one day you’ll stumble into a series of good decisions and wind up better than you are today.

It doesn’t happen like that and you know it.  You just can’t figure out what to do about it.

How to Figure Out What to Do Right Now

Part of the reason people have a hard time figuring out what they want to do with their life, is that they’re trying to figure out what they want to do as a whole.

As in, “When I die, people will remember me as someone who ___________________________.”

Then they analyze it to death, terrified they’re going to make the wrong decision.  Meanwhile they never do anything and risk becoming a person whose eulogy consists of “Here lies Anne.  She never made a wrong decision.  Help yourself to coffee and doughnuts in the receiving hall.”


If that’s all we get out of a lifetime of safe decisions, I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

To avoid falling into this trap, I try asking a new question.  Instead of “What do I want to do with my life?” I askWhat do I want to achieve in my life?”

The answers are much different.  Start with what you want to achieve.  

How Does Knowing What I Want to Achieve Help Me Figure Out What I Want to Do?

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but stopped before you gave it a real shot?  You don’t even fully realize the thought before you start thinking, analyzing, planning, and worrying how it could or could not actually be done.

Before you know it you’ve talked yourself out of trying.  Obviously that huge list of reasons you just created is concrete proof that it was a dumb idea in the first place.  And you push the thought away, never to be heard from again… until the next time you come across the exact same problem.  

And so it goes, on and on until it’s been weeks, months or years and you ‘just haven’t found the time’.  And by then the problem is so huge you don’t even know what to do with it any more.

It’s like a rabid squirrel, thrashing and kicking about, growling and making a scene.  And then it’s gone as quickly as it showed up leaving everybody else wondering what just happened.

It is overwhelming, having so much you want to do but being caught up by all the stuff you have to do.  So many other things are distracting you, filling up your time, and stressing you out that you never get around to ‘that one thing’ you have wanted to take care of for forever.

Here’s the thing – if you focus on what you want to achieve, you will inherently know what to do.  If you focus on what you want to do, it’s hard to achieve anything.

Crazy, right?  

I know.  But it’s totally true.  Why?  Because it’s easy to know what you want to achieve.  What’s hard is knowing what to do about it.


I want a job that makes me happy (what I do).


I want to be happy (what I will achieve).

In the first example, you start questioning yourself and your motives and you waste a lot of time trying to figure out what to do to make yourself happy.

In the second example, you know what to do because you know what you want to achieve.  Your main motive is happiness – so you do what makes you happy.  Using the same example, you might not know exactly what job will make you happy, but you do know what situations will make you happy (i.e. what hours you want to work, where you want to live, etc).

This helps narrow your focus. For instance, if you know you want to be home every night when your kids get off the bus, you probably don’t want to be a trial lawyer because those hours are very unpredictable.

You will naturally choose something different because you know what you want to achieve (flexible hours).

I Know What I Want to Achieve, But I Still Don’t Know What to Do

Don’t pretend like you don’t have a thing.  Everybody has a thing.  Do any of these sound familiar?

I have always wanted to try:

fencing / sewing / blogging / running / LARPing / cooking / swimming / event planning / Jazz singing / graphic design / acting / shuffleboard / DJing / sky diving / deep sea fishing / drawing / boxing / anything

but I :

don’t want to look stupid / don’t know who to ask for help / don’t know how to make a website / have two left feet / am worried someone might think I’m a dork / can’t even make ice / have a weird belly button / don’t know anyone / am afraid no one will come watch / don’t have a degree / have stage fright / don’t want to hang out with old people / only like Country music / am afraid of heights / get motion sickness if I linger too long in the bath tub / am not artistic / have a really good looking face / do something else instead.

Change Is Hard. Do It Anyway.Listen, I totally get it.  I can personally attest to saying at least half of these things myself.  Here’s the problem… and, I know you’ve been telling yourself this for a while.

You’re too smart.  

Or rather, you have evolved with the ability to reason.  And because humans resist change, you are at a crossroad.  On one hand you’ve been blessed with this amazing mind that lets you think, understand, and question what’s going on around you.   But it’s this same ecology that prevents you from doing anything about it.  Damned forever to know how great you could actually be – forced to live a life of contemplative mediocrity instead.

I hope you have a good imagination because that sounds like it sucks.

So How Do I Decide What to Do With My Life?

What if you were able to stop yourself from stopping yourself?  What if every time you had an idea you acted on it?

Not some day.  Not tomorrow.  Not in an hour from now.  Right. This.  Second.

Before you do anything.  Before you research how much it costs, where to try it out, or anything else you think you need to know, just stop.  

First, acknowledge the thought.  Stop letting your passive mind dictate what you’re going to think about. Second, decide whether or not you’re going to do anything about it.

Don’t do anything else yet.

Just decide.  Asking yourself whether or not you’re going to do anything about ‘your thing’ forces you to decide where to spend your time and energy.  It helps you decide what you really want and pushes you to actually make a decision.

(Stop hedging.  This is a yes or no answer.  If you’re saying something like “I’m going to do it, someday“, or “I think I’m going to do it”, or “I can’t do it right now”, then your answer is no.)

Have you made a decision?

Alright, now follow through accordingly.

If you decided the answer is no, continue on your way.  Stop wasting time thinking, being angry, or complaining about it.  You’ve already decided you’re not going to do anything, so there is no point spending any more time on it.

But, what if your answer was yes?  Then what do you do?

First Things First.  Hold Yourself Accountable

Tell somebody.  Anybody.  Do it right now.


Because it solidifies your thing for you.  This isn’t just something you’re thinking about.  It’s something you’re actually doing.  You don’t want to be a liar do you?

Second, make a plan.

When are you going to do it?  Where are you going to do it?  Who’s going to be there?  How long is it going to take?  What is the first thing you need to do to make it happen?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’ve been hanging around long enough it should.  If you just found 631, you can check out what I’m talking about here.

Add this thing to your year map.  Don’t think about it for the rest of eternity.  Get your plan together and do it.  It’s now or never.

But I’m Not Ready.  What If I Make the Wrong Decision?

Stop worrying.  Now or never doesn’t mean you have to do it right now.  It means you have to decide right now to do it.  

Once you make a decision you can actively decide when and on what terms you will accomplish this goal.

Sometimes it can be done immediately (like calling and signing up for a class right now).  Other times it might be a littler further out (like buying 1000 acres in the woods and building an off road go cart course where you host a series of races every weekend).

It doesn’t really matter.  Once you make a decision you will have accomplished two things.  First, you’ll have made an active decision.  This is no longer a ‘some day’ thing.  It’s a a real life thing.  Second, you’ll have freed up valuable mind space.  Now the next time this problem comes up all you have to do is consult your plan.  

Are you doing something about it?  No – then move on.  Yes – stop daydreaming and get back to the plan.  Before you know it, you’ll have accomplished lots of things… and in the process you’ll have refined the skill of deciding.

What If I Don’t Do Any of That Research and I Make the Wrong Decision?

Who said anything about skipping the research?

Not me.  What I did say was, skip the research right now.

When it’s time to research, have at it.  Go all out and get all the information you need.

But don’t waste time doing that right now.  Why would you spend hours researching, solidifying, and daydreaming about something that you can’t do anything about for 5 or 10 more years?  By the time you get around to doing it, all of your research will be outdated.

Why Can’t I Just Research It Now So I Have an Idea of Whether or Not I’m Interested?

Because it doesn’t matter.  If the information you’re looking for is going to be different when you’re actually ready to execute, you’ll have wasted your time.  And if it’s the same, there is no point looking it up now just to look it up again later when you’re ready.

And finally, if you spend your present time doing the things you need to do right now, you may discover that a lot of the things you spend time ‘researching’ never even pan out because the right now of every day changed your mind/course/beliefs and your time is better spent on something else.

What If I Wait to Do It Until Later and Then Decide That’s Not What I Want?

Let me make sure I understand this.  

Your dilemma is that if you don’t figure it out now, you might have to figure it out later.  If you figure it out right now you’ll for sure be wasting valuable time.  But, if you wait to figure it out until later, you might not waste your time at all.

I’m not sure I understand your problem.

The steps are easy.  Decide, plan, execute, repeat.  This is how you figure out what to do with your life.  You can start right now by commenting below and telling everybody what your thing is.


  • Jacob Tonkin

    I am 20 years old. Since finishing my A levels I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started to ride my bicycle and recently did a big cycle tour. I ended up going to university to do a course in Sports Development and Coaching. I thought it would put me on track to be PE teacher in a school. However the course and the university just isn’t for me. I am now wanting to leave but and worried about doing it. I hate the course and hate the city I’m in. The only good thing about uni is that I’ve started to play lacrosse. A sport I love, but isn’t played where I live in Cumbria. I just want to ride my bike, play lacrosse and forget all my troubles. But that would mean I let people down and look like a quitter.

    • Jacob, why does riding your bike or playing lacrosse make you look like a quitter? And even if it does, who cares if you don’t think you are a quitter?

      It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you as long as you are confident with your decision. So, my question would be, are you confident with your choice that all you want to do is ride your bike or play lacrosse?

      If not, go back to the drawing board. Figure out how you can do what you want and be confident about it. Until you find personal conviction for your goals, no one else will take you seriously.

      And once you find personal conviction, you won’t care if anyone else takes you seriously.

  • Amber

    I am 20 years old and although I am probably much too young to want to decide what I want to do with my life, I am very dissatisfied with how my life is currently. I have been working at the same job at a doggy daycare for two years now. I absolutley love working with animals, but I have so many other interests and hobbies I want to pursue. I am currently not in school for the main fact that I have no idea what I would want to study!I love food and fashion and all kinds of different subjects that I’ve always been interested in. But since I have no experience or qualifications for any of these things I have no idea how to get started. And the fact that I am very shy and under spoken doesnt help either. I just want to get out there and do SOMETHING instead of working the same job and dreading it every day. I have no clue what I am completely PASSIONATE about to the point that I want to do it as a full time job. I am so unhappy with just working then coming home and doing nothing. All i do is work and sit at home and I want to do something great and be happy about it! I just don’t know how to get started and put myself out there and step out of my confort zone. Help!:/

    • Hi Amber. You said “I’m so unhappy with just working them coming home and doing nothing.”

      Instead of worrying about the one thing you’re completely passionate about, why not just pick one thing to come home and do instead of doing nothing?

      It might not be something you do forever, but it will give you something to do while you’re figuring that out. Check out this article for more details:

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  • Simran

    Hi. I am 21 years old. I want to do my masters in graphic designing as i am very good in drawing and art and craft stuff. But my parents want me to appear for Civil services exams. I hate studying but for these exams i will have to study a lot. Whenever i say that i want to pursue a career in graphics my parents and relatives disagree with me and emotionally blackmail me to do something for my parents. I feel like dieing because i want to go to Canada and pursue my studies but nobody is ready to understand me. What should I do? I just cant take any decisions right now. I have a boyfriend and i want to get amrried to him but staying in India and then making that happen is also quite risky. I want to enjoy my studies as well as career but then i think about my parents and things and emotions get messed up. Please help me out.. what should i do?

    • Hi Simran,

      I can’t tell you what to do. All I can say is that you are the only one who will be able to make you happy. In my experience, the best way to make money is if you are doing something you enjoy. Moving to Canada, getting married, leaving your family, and pursuing a career that your family doesn’t understand is risky. But doing something you know you don’t like just to please someone else is also risky – just in a different way. Only you can decide which risk you are more comfortable with.

      But, if you can pursue a career that makes you happy and you are in a relationship that supports you then you will be able to manifest more positive things in your life. If you pursue something that drags you down and sucks you dry emotionally you will constantly be fighting that emotional hole in order to be successful. You have to decide whether or not that is something you can live with.

      I know it’s hard, but all decisions are laced with positive and negative consequences. Some are harder than others, but in the end you have to decide if you are going to put yourself first. Some people will tell you this is selfish. But, I disagree. I believe the only way to lift other people up and help them in the best way you can, is to consider your own needs first. If you deplete your own resources (emotionally) in order to do what someone else thinks is best, eventually you won’t have anything left to give anyone else. But, if you fill yourself up by doing things and surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, you will be in that much better of a position to help others (including your parents).

      Good luck. You can do this!

  • disqus_iDqsIOyeDT

    I am 27 years old, single, with no children. I have a “responsible” job that makes me miserable. I have been responsible my whole life and am not sure exactly what I want to do. If I stay with my job I will be able to retire at 42 but I can’t imagine having to come into a job I hate for much longer. Am I being ridiculous to sacrifice stability in retirement, a steady paycheck, and predictability for happiness now? I have been thinking about taking Bartending classes for a change of pace while I figure out what I want to do but what if I never figure it out? I can’t bartend forever and feel accomplished in my life. I’m lost.

    • I know it is overwhelming when you’re in the midst of so many decisions that ultimately direct the final course of your life. Sometimes it gets to be so much that we feel paralyzed…unable to do anything for fear that whatever we decide will be wrong.

      I don’t see any reason why you can’t take bartending classes now…worst case is that you learn how to do something super cool and fun. And if you decide to be a bartender (whether it’s permanent or short term) then that’s awesome. But if not, you aren’t any worse off than you are right now.

      The best advice I ever got was to just start with something…it might not be the thing you end up doing, but it will be enough to get you headed toward a new goal. In the meantime, check out this post – it sums up my opinion on the ‘happy now vs happy later’ debate. Good luck, and please let me know what you decide.

  • TooMuchChoice

    Hello Missy,

    I don’t know what career path I should take; I started out in a music degree and then after 2 1/2 years I realized I couldn’t be successful in the industry and then changed to a business degree. I have 1 and 1/2 years of that business degree left and now I’m not even sure if it’s worth it because I don’t even know if I’ll find a job I will enjoy doing. I just think there is too many options out there, I want to be a teacher, a Councillor, a travel agent, etc but all these things will take MORE school and MORE time and I’ve already been in school for 5 years with nothing to show for it. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to narrow down my options.

    • It can be very overwhelming to narrow down a seemingly huge scope of interests into the one thing you are going to do for the rest of your life. This used to overwhelm me too. What I try to do is look at it from a different angle.

      So instead of thinking about all of the different things I like, I try to figure out specifically what it is about those things that I like. There is no one hobby, interest, or passion of mine that I love every single thing about. But, there are parts of each thing that I love so much that I’m willing to put up with the stuff I don’t love.

      The guys at have talked a lot about this topic. If you search their site for “SMP” or “Single Motivating Purpose” you should be able to find a lot of info. And don’t worry if you don’t want to start an internet business – the information is helpful regardless.


    I m working in NRHM in contractual . I like in very much . I have done Diploma in Community Organisation and PG Diploma in Rural Development. But I am getting job in Lower Primary School regular post. I am not willing to teach small kids. I dislike teaching . ….. I am very much in confusion. What should I do ? Should I join in Lower Primary School?

    • I would never encourage someone to do something longterm that they know they don’t like up front. If you like where you are now, why do you feel like you should switch to something you don’t like?

  • Talon

    There are things on my mind that I want to do… things I know I want to achieve in my life, and yet I am now gun shy. I made two large decisions in my life and neither turned out well. My first was to go to college. I knew what I wanted to do (Computer Graphics) and was good at it, but after two years I had the realization that there were no jobs for this any more. It became so easy that a child could design things on a computer.

    I started looking at other careers but nothing appealed to me, mainly because I was unhappy about the realization I had to quit my dream or die as a starving artist… I finally made the decision to leave and so I picked myself up and moved 3000 miles away from home and the college I was attending. Struggled a lot and have bounced around various trade jobs and scraping by for four years.

    Now I realize I should have stayed with college but now I can’t get back for years and years. I have to pay off my student loans before I could get any more and there are fewer and fewer scholarships and aids due to certain bills being passed.

    Basically I’ve made decisions already and they have blown up in my face. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid that if I make any more bad decisions I will end up even worse off than I currently am.

    At least right now I can pay rent, buy food, and put gas in my car. Even if I’m not happy.

    Is there anything I can do to get over my fear of losing at the game of Life again?

    • Wow, it definitely sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Trying something and losing is definitely tough. Especially when the thing you try takes a huge time and/or financial commitment. And then dealing with the consequences of the failed risk, can be flatout crippling sometimes.

      I know it sounds cliche, but a lot of time the only way to get over the fear of failing is to get out and try something again. Perhaps instead of trying a huge all or nothing change you could try something somewhat smaller. So if you want to be an artist, try setting up an Etsy store or freelancing as a computer graphic artist. You can check out sites like or to get started.

      Good luck!

  • Blakchic

    Sooo, I have always wanted to move out of nyc. I alwats said my child wouldnt grow,up in the hystle and bustle of city life..i have friends in nc who would love to have us until i can get on my feet. My problem is im si flaky that i have decidrd to go, but now gave the fear of what ifs..i have a small savings but what if i cant find a job, what if my 5 year old hates me forever for taking her away from her dad, grandparents and all she knows, what if she and my friends annoying rude 6 year old don’t get along, what if they do get along and my sweet 5year old begins to emulate the annoying rude 6 year slowly talking myself out although i’ve told everyone im leaving And now im trying to thinkof elaborate lies (a parent had a,stroke and i cant leave their side..sorry daddy). If i dont do it now, my baby will miss gfmletting into school this year and i will almost surely stay right here in brooklyn, miserable, old and never knowing if I could have lived elsewhere..fml..Hey, what if I start a what if blog…ahh, never mind

    • It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and a lot of open what-if questions. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who isn’t ‘part’ of the situation, like someone you trust who doesn’t have a vested interest in what you decide to do. Do you know anyone like that who you could confide in? Someone like a teacher or pastor perhaps?

      In the meantime, any big decision always comes with what-ifs. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of things that we’re unsure of, especially when we don’t know exactly what will happen. But, you have to break through and tell yourself that everything will work out if you stay true to yourself and if you make decisions based only on what is best for your daughter and for you.

      As far as moving in with a friend, that can be a rough transition, especially when you are trying to mesh two different lifestyles into one. But remember, it’s only temporary. Nothing says you have to stay there if it doesn’t work out. And nothing says you can never come back to Brooklyn. If you move and hate it (or your daughter hates it) you can come back if you want to. There is no shame in stepping out on your own and trying to make something better for yourself and for your daughter. If you decide you want to come back, at least you’ll know that you are choosing to be there – instead of staying and always wondering ‘what if’.

      And don’t worry about your daughter catching on to other kids. Maybe the opposite will happen and your daughter will teach this other girl how to be nice and polite and all of the other qualities that you love about her. And if not, it’s a great opportunity for you to teach your daughter that just because other people do things they shouldn’t, doesn’t mean she needs to join in too…you’ll probably have to teach her that lesson this year anyway when she starts kindergarten.

      Good luck! I know this is a big decision, but stay true and you will know what to do.

      (p.s. Telling the truth is always better than lying, even if it means someone will know you are scared or that they might be disappointed…what would you tell your daughter to do in this situation? You want to make sure you are setting the example you want her to emulate about you, right?)

  • Megan Smith

    I will be a senior in high school this fall and I have currently been debating if I should go to college. I don’t know where I see myself in the future. My real dream is to be an actress, but my family would not encourage that as my job. If I don’t go to college I know my parents will not approve of me anymore,but I really do not see myself staying in college. I would like to swim in college and that’s the only reason I feel I want to go to college. I even started the recruiting process, but doing it made me realize I might not want to go to college and that I am just doing it for my parents. I say I want to major in business, but I feel that is more of my backup plan if the acting were not to work. I am goal driven and I know I would not give up because of all the obstacles faced in just the sport of swimming. Any advice?

    • Hi Megan,

      I can’t tell you whether or not it’s right for you to go to college – only you can decide that. But, I can tell you that a lot of people go to college for all of the wrong reasons and they end up regretting it.

      I encourage you to keep questioning your path and only choose what you know to be right for you. If you do something for someone else (whether it’s your parents, a boyfriend, your friends, or someone else), it will be hard to succeed.

      The thing that drives you to keep going when things get hard is your internal desire. If your heart is not in whatever you are doing, it will be hard to stick with it when the going gets tough. Actually, today’s post is all about picking ‘what’ over ‘why’.

      Check it out. And thanks for commenting. I’d love to see more in the future :).

      • Megan Smith

        Thank you so much! It makes perfect sense and I checked out the article which explained a lot! I have to go with my heart and not worry about what others will say or think because its me that has to live with the decision.

        • You are exactly right. One of my favorite questions to ask is, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Most of the time, the worst really isn’t that bad. And in my personal experience, I’ve had more luck trying than bailing so I always go for the try when I can. Good luck! I know this is a huge decision and the 631 community is very supportive so please reach out again if you have any questions or need some advice 🙂

  • Anshu Dhamiwal

    i am pretty good at writing. but still dont know what to do. i am afraid that if a made a choice and failed, then what?

    • Hi Anshu,

      Fear of failure can be really hard to deal with, but try asking yourself a different question. Instead of “What if I try and fail?” try asking, “What if I don’t try and never know?” — Something else to consider is that if you try and fail, at least you know what the result is and you’re that much closer to figuring out your thing. You got this!

  • Sarah Brown

    for a few years now, i’ve been saying i want to learn to sew. i want to make things. i have a whole pinterest board dedicated to adorable things i want to make and give people (or use myself.) i have a sewing maching, and a buttload of supplies already. i just need to set it up and get to it. also, i need to get better at sewing because the last time i tried, i wasn’t t hat great. i need to push the negative “you don’t know how to do that” thoughts out of my head and just do it. practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?

    • You are exactly right. Practice does make perfect…. or at least it makes it better. But here’s the rub. You might get all of your sewing stuff set up and then realize you don’t even like sewing. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you’re reluctant to start in the first place?

      The thing is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it or you don’t know how. It just matters that you do it. Why? Because otherwise you’re going to waste time thinking about doing it. And if you’re thinking about it, you might as well just do it and put 100% of your focus into it… instead of half into whatever it is you are doing, and the other half into wishing you were better at sewing… and the more you do it, the better you will get.

      Plus, if worst case scenario is you either end up hating it or you totally suck and there’s just no hope for you, then at least you can sell your sewing machine and make a quick buck to spend on the next thing you’re going to try while getting rid of some clutter in the process :).

      And on another note, who says that just because you don’t know how to do something that you’re not going to be any good at it? You might end up being a total rock star… in fact you probably will, even if it’s not at the thing you thought you would rock.

      Part of going out and doing ‘your thing’ is giving yourself permission to suck at something. It’s about allowing yourself the necessary time to stop worrying about all the have-to’s and let your mind relax so you can focus on the hidden desires you have that you don’t even know about yet. And, it’s about getting used to taking risks. As you do this, I promise it will get easier… and eventually you’ll be doing new things all the time without even thinking about it.

      • Sarah Brown

        I think you’ve totally hit on something: I’m worried I will suck, or will hate it. That’s part of why I don’t start or try. Once again, you’re right: it’s not the end of the world if I’m terrible or hate it. But I need to at least give it a go. Nothing’s going to happen if I continue to just pin things on pinterest and say I’m going to do it. Gotta get that fire burning under my a**. Let’s make it happen! :o)

      • Sarah Brown

        I’ve been thinking about this in conjuncture with the “why do you read 631” FB status the other day. At first, when I really reflected on what you said to me here, I’ll be honest, I was a little put off. “Who is Missy to say that I’m going to suck at something I haven’t even tried?!” And, “how dare she think I’m going to hate it?!” But then I really thought about what you were saying…that maybe I won’t be any good at sewing, or maybe I will hate it. Those are incredibly real possibilities. Once I set up my sewing machine and get to work, in my mind, the only possibility has been that I’ll love it and start cranking out awesome stuff, but that’s not the only outcome. And you pointed that out to me. But in a realistic way. You aren’t showing me those possibilities to be an ass; you were saying, start so you can figure it out….and if you hate it or suck at it, then there are a million other things you can do instead. I’m not stuck with just sewing as a hobby/interest. It’s one of many many many things I can be into….but I can’t do any of it, if I don’t start some where. And since I’ve identified sewing as my starting point, I need to get the ball rolling so I can figure if that’s what I want to be doing or if I should try something else. That’s why I read 631….because you’re real and honest with me. Not just saying what I want to hear, or what you think I want to hear. It’s like somehow you know what I’ve not said to myself and what I need to hear, and that’s what you respond with. And it’s incredibly motivational to me. :o)

        • Yeah!! So, what’s the first thing you’re going to make?

          • Sarah Brown

            Probably a pillow….or something else with easy straight lines lol After that, I’ve got my eyes on some diaper changing related items to make for my sister in law who is due this summer.

          • Sounds like you have your first goal date :). The shower is probably in a few months… That’s just enough time!

  • I’m going to make and sell home made products on etsy. Like sugar scrubs, lotions, etc. I like doing it and people like buying more all natural stuff but can’t (or won’t) make it themselves. So there you go 🙂

  • I’m going to be a farmer. There you go.

    • I’m not sure muck boots will look good on you.

      • Well, thanks for being a downer. And I think muck boots would look fab on me!

        • You’re right. They might. But what is being a farmer going to help you achieve?

          • Healthy body, healthy family, healthy community, healthy soul.

          • And there it is. 🙂 It’s always at least one (usually all 3) of the big three. Health, wealth, and happiness. You nailed it.